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Name Acronym Phase Status
Effect of Donepezil on the Reorganization of Cognitive Neural Network in Patients With Post-Stroke Cognitive Impairment N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Statin treatment withdrawal in ischemic stroke N/A Completed_status_icon
The Hypertension in the Very Elderly Trial (HYVET) 4 Active_not_recruiting_status_icon
Alcohol consumption and risk for stroke among Chinese men N/A Completed_status_icon
Birmingham Atrial Fibrillation Treatment of the Aged BAFTA N/A Completed_status_icon
Monitoring Brain Activity in Human Brain Injury N/A Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Atrial Fibrillation N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Microbubble-Enhanced Clotbust Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke 1/2 Terminated_status_icon
Treatment With AX200 for Acute Ischemic Stroke 2 Completed_status_icon
A Pilot Study Investigating the Feasibility of the Saebo Arm Training Program on an Inpatient Population N/A Completed_status_icon
Transcranial and Rapid Magnetic Stimulation for Gait Apraxia Due to Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus and Cerebral Ischemia N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Saeboflex Dynamic Hand Orthosis for Inpatient Rehabilitation Stroke Patients N/A Completed_status_icon
Families In Recovery From Stroke Trial (F.I.R.S.T.) 3 Completed_status_icon
CARDS Is Designed To Show If Lowering Cholesterol With Atorvastatin In Type 2 Diabetics Without CV Disease Reduces The Risk Of CV Events CARDS 4 Completed_status_icon
Mental Practice and Recovery of Arm Function in Stroke MP Trial N/A Completed_status_icon
A Study to Determine the Degree of Additional Reduction in CV Risk in Lowering LDL Below Minimum Target Levels TNT 4 Completed_status_icon
Abciximab for Prevention of Stroke Recurrence Before Endarterectomy in Symptomatic Carotid Stenosis 3 Terminated_status_icon
Abciximab in Wake-up Stroke 3 Terminated_status_icon
Quality Improvement in Stroke Prevention (QUISP) 4 Completed_status_icon
Ultrasound Enhanced Thrombolytic Therapy of Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion 3 Recruiting_status_icon
Atrial Fibrillation and the Risk for Neurological Complications 4 Recruiting_status_icon
Pilot Study of Continuing Aspirin Versus Switching to Clopidogrel After Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack 1 Withdrawn_status_icon
ESPRIT: European/Australasian Stroke Prevention in Reversible Ischaemia Trial 4 Completed_status_icon
Intervention for Stroke Survivors and Their Spousal Caregivers N/A Completed_status_icon
Prevention of Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetic Patients With Vitamin E Treatment 2/3 Terminated_status_icon
BOTOX® Versus Zanaflex® for the Treatment of Post-Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury Upper Limb Spasticity 4 Completed_status_icon
Characteristics of Blood- Brain Barrier Permeability in Neurological Patients N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Robots for Stroke Survivors 1 Terminated_status_icon
Safety Study of a Recombinant Human Plasminogen Activator to Treat Acute Ischemic Stroke. 1/2 Completed_status_icon
Ischemia-modified Albumin in Acute Stroke N/A Completed_status_icon
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