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Name Acronym Phase Status
Effects of Biofeedback in Patients With Acute Cerebral Infarction 1 Completed_status_icon
Telerehabilitation for Patients With Stroke N/A Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
Xarelto on Prevention of Stroke and Non-central Nervous System Systemic Embolism in Patients With Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation in China: A Non-interventional Study XASSURE Recruiting_status_icon
Clinical Algorithm for Post-Stroke Gait Training With C-Brace N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Exercise and Brain Stimulation for Post-stroke Depression N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Effect of Using a Lower Limb Robotic Device for Patients With Chronic Stroke N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Influence of Brain Oscillation-Dependent TMS on Motor Function Recruiting_status_icon
Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption in People With White Matter Hyperintensities Who Have Had a Stroke Recruiting_status_icon
Impact of Non-invasive Brain Stimulation on Motor Recuperation N/A Active_not_recruiting_status_icon
Biomarker Signature of Stroke Aetiology Study: The BIOSIGNAL-Study Active_not_recruiting_status_icon
Neural Dynamics and Connectivity in Response Inhibition and Traumatic Brain Injury Completed_status_icon
Long-Term Improvement in Motor Learning by Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Completed_status_icon
The Effects of Lower Extremity Sensory Retraining Treatment in Individuals With Post-stroke Sensory Impairment N/A Completed_status_icon
Rehabilitation for Disabled Stroke Patients in Rural China RECOVER N/A Completed_status_icon
Alpha-Tocopherol, Beta-Carotene Cancer Prevention (ATBC) Study Completed_status_icon
Post-stroke Upper Limb Rehabilitation Using Telerehabilitation Interactive Virtual Reality System in the Patient's Home N/A Completed_status_icon
Effectiveness of Additional Trunk Exercises on Gait Performance N/A Completed_status_icon
Interaction Between Trunk and Gait Performance in Both Healthy Adults and Stroke Patients Completed_status_icon
Effectiveness of Kinesio Taping On Balance In Patients With Stroke N/A Completed_status_icon
Musical Neglect Training for Patients With Visual Neglect N/A Completed_status_icon
A Study Exploring Brain Activity in Relation to Sensory Arm Impairments in the Early Stages of Stroke N/A Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
Noninvasive Brain Stimulation for Stroke NIBSstroke N/A Recruiting_status_icon
RESCUE Stroke Caregiver Website to Enhance Discharge Planning RESCUE N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Systematic Assessment and Targeted Improvement of Services Following Yearlong Surgical Outcomes Surveys SATISFY-SOS Recruiting_status_icon
The Sapienza University Mortality and Morbidity Events Rate (SUMMER) Study in Diabetes SUMMER Recruiting_status_icon
Tirofiban for Patients Treated With Alteplase MR TEA 2/3 Recruiting_status_icon
Cerebellar Stroke and Mood Disorders CERMOOD N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Moving a Paralyzed Hand Through Use of a Brain-Computer Interface Terminated_status_icon
Rivaroxaban Versus Aspirin in Secondary Prevention of Stroke and Prevention of Systemic Embolism in Patients With Recent Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source (ESUS) NAVIGATE ESUS 3 Terminated_status_icon
Mantra Meditation in Subjects That Have Chronically Impaired Attention After Stroke N/A Active_not_recruiting_status_icon
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