LACunar Intervention (LACI-2) Trial-2 "LACI-2"


Phase 2/3 Results N/A

Summary of Purpose

About 35,000 people each year in the UK have a type of stroke, called 'lacunar' or 'small vessel' stroke, which is different to other common types of stroke and for which there is no proven treatment. It is thought that small vessel stroke is caused by damage to the lining of the tiny blood vessels deep inside the brain that stops them functioning normally. This not only causes stroke but, perhaps more...

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Trial Milestones

The following dates are available for this trial. Trial information last updated on 23 February 2018.

8 Jan 2018 14 Nov 2017 1 Nov 2020 1 Nov 2020 1 Feb 2018 Unavailable
Start Date First Received 1st Completion Completion Verification Results

Trial Design

Not available