IV Double and Triple Concentrated Nicardipine for Stroke and ICH


Phase 4 Results


From the present results, it appears that double concentrated nicardipine can be given via peripheral IV safely, with a low chance of phlebitis when altering the site every 24 hours. Currently, 25 have been enrolled, but 5 of those had blood pressure within normal ranges so were not treated. Of the 20 who recieved the double concentrated IV nicardipine (dose ranged from 1-19.5 mg. with a mean duration of infusion of 37 hours 35 minutes ) 11 were males and 9 females, with a mean age of 69. Twelve had ischemic strokes and 8 had ICH’s. Primary outcomes were: 1 patient had phlebitis that resolved completely in 48 hours, 1 patient had IV site irritation that resolved in 4 days, and 1 patient had IV site irritation due to drug extravasation. Further results showed that 1 patient had transient elevation of creatinine that was possibly related to the use of nicardipine and 5 patients expired due to the severity of stroke or MI.