Intra-arterial Bone-marrow Mononuclear Cells Infusion for Acute Ischemic Stroke


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This is a study in which the patients will be included diagnosed of ischemic stroke sharply in the territory of the cerebral average artery that there fulfill criteria of incorporation and none of those of exclusion and that they have signed the informed assent. 76 patients will randomize in proportion 2:1:1 in a group control that will receive only medical conventional treatment and in two groups of intervention that will receive an unique intra-arterial infusion of mononuclear autologous bone marrow stem cells (one group of dose of 2 millions of BMSC for kilogram of weight and another group of dose of 5 millions of BMSC for kilogram of weight). The three groups of patients will be followed for 24 months. The randomization will be stratified depending on the NHSS score. This clinical trial has a voluntary substudy to obtain information on plasma biomarkers.
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The overall status was updated to "Recruiting" at Hospitales Universitarios Virgen del Rocio.