Influence of Timing on Motor Learning

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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Age 18 to 80 years of age
- Sustained a single stroke affecting the arm, at least three months prior to enrollment
- Minimal to moderate lost motor control of the arm after stroke
- No active major psychiatric problems, or neurological/orthopedic problems affecting the stroke-affected upper extremity
- No active major neurological disease other than the stroke
- Absence of pain in the stroke-affected upper extremity

Exclusion Criteria

- Severe tone at the affected upper extremity
- Severe aphasia
- Severe reduced level of consciousness
- Severe sensory/proprioception deficit at the affected upper extremity
- Currently pregnant
- Difficulty in understanding or complying with instructions
- Inability to perform the experimental task that will be studied
- Increased pain with movement of the stroke-affected upper extremity