Influence of Area of Brain Damage on Brain Reorganization After Chronic Stroke


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Eligibility Criteria

Patients must be aged 18 or above with subacute (at least 3 months post stroke) thromboembolic or hemorrhagic strokes with impaired motor function in at least one of the limbs but capable of performing the required motor tasks. Assessment of the initial functional state will be taken at the initial visit at the NINDS Stroke Neurorehabilitation Clinic. Patients with additional stroke(s) during the length of the protocol will not be excluded from the study if the conditions stated in the Exclusion Criteria are satisfied.
1. Patients with a history of alcohol or drug abuse, poor motivational capacity, or language disturbances, particularly of receptive nature or with serious cognitive deficits (defined as equivalent to a mini-mental state exam score of 23 or less).
2. Patients with medical or technical contraindications to MRI procedures (e.g. metal braces, pacemakers, cochlear devices, surgical clips, and other metal/magnetic implants); claustrophobia; and pregnancy.
3. Patients who are unable to comply with the motor testing protocol.