Infarct Modeling through Perfusion Assessment by CT [SPOTRIAS] "IMPACT"


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

Acute symptomatic supratentorial infarct; CTP performed at admission (within 9 hours of symptom onset)

Exclusion Criteria

Creatinine > 1.5; pre-existing chronic renal disease; history of allergic reaction or other contraindication to contrast dye; clinical signs of congestive heart failure on examination or CXR; positive pregnancy test (pre-menopausal women only); unstable angina, enzyme or EKG evidence of cardiac ischemia*; subject has proven alternate etiology for stroke-like symptom (e.g. ICH, SAH, subdural hematoma, meningitis, seizure, multiple sclerosis, tumor); acute symptomatic infratentorial ischemia.* applies only to those patients who would receive a CTA/CTP for study-specific research purposes