Impact of Non-invasive Brain Stimulation, Associated With Upper Limb Robot-assisted Therapy, on Motor Recuperation


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Thierry lejeune, professor Contact 02 764 16 48

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CHU Dinant-Godinne UCL Mont Godinne, Belgium Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
Yves Vandermeeren, Professor Principal Investigator
Maral Yeganeh Doost, PhD Student Sub-Investigator
Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc Brussel, Belgium Recruiting_status_icon
Thierry lejeune, professor Contact 02 764 16 48
Thierry Lejeune, Professor Contact
Thierry Lejeune, MD, PhD Principal Investigator
Maxime Gilliaux, PhD Sub-Investigator
Emmanuelle Delaunois, MD Sub-Investigator
Paul Mbonda, MD Sub-Investigator
Stéphanie Dehem, PhD Student Sub-Investigator
Gaëtan Stoquart, MD, PhD Sub-Investigator