Impact of Diabetes and Glucose Control During Rehabilitation After Stroke


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Trial Description

To assess whether patients with diabetes have less clinical improvement during inpatient rehabilitation than those without diabetes and whether hyperglycaemia during rehabilitation is an adverse prognostic indicator.

Detailed Description

Patients with diabetes have a higher mortality rate and more severe disability from stroke compared to those without diabetes. Those with hyperglycaemia tend to progress to a larger final stroke size. Diabetes and hyperglycaemia may affect the ability of the patient to clinically improve, independent of the degree of initial impairment. We will perform a retrospective review of medical records of stroke patients admitted to an inpatient rehabilitation unit. We will compare outcomes of changes in disability scales (FIM and Barthel) from admission to discharge, length of stay and hospital events between those with and without diabetes. Amongst those with diabetes, we will also assess whether those with higher mean blood glucose levels during their inpatient rehabilitation stay have worse outcomes.

Trial Stopped: poor data collection


Trial Design

  • Observation: Case Control
  • Perspective: Retrospective
  • Sampling: Probability Sample

Trial Population

Stroke rehab patients


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No outcomes associated with this trial.