iCool (induction of Cooling) Pilot: A randomized trial comparing 3 methods for rapid induction of therapeutic hypothermia in stroke patients "iCool Pilot"

Active, not recruiting

Phase N/A Results

Trial Description

To evaluate 3 induction techniques in stroke patients with regard to speed of braincooling, feasibility and safety: (1) Cold infusions, (2) RhinoChill device (BeneChill,USA) and (3) Sovika cooling helmet (HVM Medical, Germany).


  • Hypothermia Device
    Intervention Desc: Reduction of brain temperature and body temperature for neuroprotection

Trial Design

Prospective, open, randomized, single-centre study (n=30).

Patient Involvement

Hypothermia is induced with either induction technique. The intended coretemperature is 34°C.


Type Measure Time Frame Safety Issue
Primary Speed of brain cooling during the first hour.
Secondary Safety aspects: Intracranial bleeding or pulmonary complications, co-medication. Furthermore effects on ICP and cerebral auto-regulation are examined.