Heparin in Acute Embolic Stroke Trial "HAEST"


Phase 3 Results


The frequency of recurrent ischemic stroke during the first 14 days was 19/244 (8·5%) in dalteparin-allocated patients versus 17/225 (7·5%) in aspirin-allocated patients (odds ratio=1·13, 95% CI 0·57-2·24). The secondary events during the first 14 days also revealed no benefit of dalteparin compared with aspirin: symptomatic cerebral hemorrhage 6/224 versus 4/225; symptomatic and asymptomatic cerebral hemorrhage 26/224 versus 32/225; progression of symptoms within the first 48 hours 24/224 versus 17/225; and death 21/224 versus 16/225. There were no significant differences in functional outcome or death at 14 days or 3 months.