Hemiparetic Arm Robotic Mobilization With Non Invasive Electrical Stimulation "hARMonies"

Enrolling by invitation

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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Subjects with isolated ischemic stroke, confirmed by brain imaging (MRI, CT)
- subjects who retain sufficient cognitive functions and language to follow the instructions given by doctors and therapists
- subjects with basal Modified Ashworth Scale score under 3
- subjects with basal Fugl-Meyer score ≥ 3 so that they are not completely paralyzed
- subjects who have signed informed consent to participate in this study
- subjects that show stable conditions in the two pre-treatment evaluations, in order to avoid "Hawthorne effect"

Exclusion Criteria

- subjects with chronic paretic limb deformities
- subjects with complete and flaccid paralysis of all motor performances of shoulder and elbow;
- subjects with severe hemineglect (Pizzamiglio battery for unilateral spatial neglect including letter cancellation test, barrage tests, reading and Wundt-Jastro area illusion test; patients diagnosed with neglect if 3 of 4 items of this battery are present)
- subjects showing an increase in the Fugl-Meyer more than 2.1 points in the second pre-treatment clinical evaluation, compared to the score of the first evaluation
- subjects with contraindications to the execution of transcranial magnetic stimulation - TMS - (pacemakers, metal implants)
- subjects with epilepsy
- Previous neurosurgical interventions
- Severe upper limb osteoporosis
- Upper limb strength or joint movement limitation due to previous fractures
- Upper limb strength or joint movement limitation due to previous surgical interventions
- Mini Mental State Evaluation (MMSE) <24