Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation-3 "HOPE-3"


Phase 4 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Women aged > 60 years and men > 55 years
- At least one additional CV risk factor including:
- Waist/hip ratio ≥ 0.90 in men and ≥ 0.85 in women;
- History of current or recent smoking (regular tobacco use within 5 years)
- Low HDL cholesterol
- Dysglycemia
- Renal dysfunction
- Family history of premature CHD in first degree relatives

Exclusion Criteria

- Documented clinically manifest atherothrombotic CVD
- Clear indication or contraindication for statin and/or ARB or ACE inhibitor and/or thiazide diuretic therapy
- Symptomatic hypotension
- Chronic liver disease
- Inflammatory muscle disease
- Renal impairment
- Concurrent treatment with cyclosporine or a condition likely to result in organ transplantation and the need for cyclosporine
- Concurrent treatment with a statin, fibrate, angiotensin receptor blocker, ACE inhibitor, or a thiazide diuretic
- Other serious medical illness likely to interfere with study participation or with the ability to complete the trial
- Significant psychiatric illness, senility, dementia, alcohol or substance abuse, which could impair the ability to provide informed consent and to adhere to the trial procedures
- Concurrent use of an experimental pharmacological agent