Head Position on Cerebral Haemodynamics in Acute Ischemic Stroke and Controls


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Summary of Purpose

Cerebral autoregulation is an important mechanism whereby cerebral perfusion is normally maintained at a constant level, over a relatively wide blood pressure range. It can be assessed noninvasively by the use of Trans Cranial Doppler (TCD). This means using ultrasound probes over both sides of the head to measure changes in blood flow in one of the main brain arteries (the middle cerebral artery) in response to...

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Trial Milestones

The following dates are available for this trial. Trial information last updated on 19 May 2017.

1 Nov 2015 6 Oct 2016 31 Mar 2017 31 Mar 2017 1 May 2016 Unavailable
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Trial Basics




Trial Design

  • Observation: Case Control
  • Perspective: Prospective
  • Sampling: Probability Sample


  • Thompson G Robinson, MD, FRCP

  • Man Y Lam, MBBS

    ml376@le.ac.uk 01162525841