Ghrelintrial With Patients With Stroke


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Male and female patients
- acute ischemic insult
- functionally relevant motor hemisymptomatic
- up to 7 days after the event
- age from 18 to 90 years
- written approval of the participant after occurred clarification

Exclusion Criteria

- Dysphagia
- Nutritional-Risk-Screening (NRS) = 3
- Neuro-degenerative illnesses
- Patients with strokes in the past
- Patients with clinically relevant Polyneuropathy
- Patients with walking disturbance on account of mikroangiopathic changes
- Patients with psychiatric preillnesses (depression, schizophrenia) and anti- depressive and neuroleptic medication
- Patients with rheumatic illnesses with effects on the walking and Hand function
- Patients with innate and/or acquired substance defects of the brain and/or spinal cord (functionally relevant brain tumour, St. n. Encephalitis, brain damage as an infant)