General Anesthesia Versus Sedation During Intra-arterial Treatment for Stroke "GASS"


Phase 3 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Age > 18 years
- Body mass index < or equal to 35 kg/m² ,
- Indication for thrombectomy, after multidisciplinary consultation,
- Proximal artery occlusion in the anterior circulation (internal carotid artery, M1, M2,...), confirmed on imaging (angioscan or angio-MRI),
- Written informed consent of the patient or a close / trusted person when possible, or emergency procedure,
- Patient affiliated to or beneficiary of an health insurance
Non-inclusion Criteria:
- Comorbidity committing short-term prognosis,
- Hemodynamic instability,
- Pregnant woman,
- Contra-indication to sedation: pre-existing swallowing impairment; restless patient, not able to stay lying down; Glasgow score < 8,
- Contra-indication to general anesthesia,
- Intubated patient at inclusion,
- Additional intracerebral hemorrhage,
- Sign of occlusion in a different cerebral territory,
- Known contra-indication to succinylcholine: hypersensitivity, hyperkaliemia,
- Known contra-indication to one of the anesthesic agents,
- Patient participating in another clinical trial, possibly interfering with the study procedures,
- Patient in a known situation of deprivation of freedom, guardianship or curatorship.
Exclusion criteria:
- Patients with deprivation of freedom will be excluded as soon as the investigator will have knowledge of the situation.