Gait Adaptation for Stroke Patients With Augmented Reality "GASPAR"


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Eligibility Criteria

Participants fulfilling all of the following inclusion criteria are eligible for the study:
- Informed Consent as documented by signature
- Stroke patients, patients with traumatic brain injury, or patients with spinal cord injury in the acute to sub-acute phase (maximum 40 days after the incident)
- Need for gait rehabilitation in reason of at least one of the following conditions: Paresis of the lower extremities. Severe balance disorders. No walking at entry due to the neurological injury
- Ability to walk 2 minutes without or with minimal aid, namely: With the help of one person, or: With walking aid (cane, walker)
The presence of any one of the following exclusion criteria will lead to exclusion of the participant:
- Age < 18 years
- Other clinically significant concomitant disease states (e.g., renal failure, hepatic dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, etc.) that may threaten the health in case of sustained exercise.
- Concomitant gait disorders induced by acute to sub-acute musculoskeletal injuries, e.g. fracture of the lower extremities.
- Severe pre-existent gait disorders that deeply affect walking abilities and gait pattern, either due to musculoskeletal (e.g. severe osteoarthritis) or neurological (e.g. Parkinson's disease) etiologies.
- Severe non-corrected visual impairment
- Inability to follow the procedures of the study, e.g. due to language problems, psychological disorders, dementia, etc. of the participant.