Functional Recovery in Stroke Patients With Task-Specific Robot-Aided Arm Therapy


Phase 2/3 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Age 18 or more
- first-ever stroke (hemorrhagic or ischemic), verified by brain imaging
- stroke more than six months prior to the study
- termination of conventional therapy and stable recovery stage (outpatients)
- moderate to severe motor impairment of the arm (upper limb portion of FMA score between 8 and 38)
- ability to sit in a chair without any additional support and without leaning on the back rest
- written informed consent signed by the subject (or an authorized representative)

Exclusion Criteria

- Excessive spasticity of the affected arm (mAS ≥ 3)
- any serious medical or psychiatric illness
- participation in any clinical investigation within 4 weeks prior to the start of this study
- anticipated need for any major surgery during the study
- women known to be pregnant or lactating
- Orthopedic, rheumatologic or other disease restricting movements of the paralyzed upper extremity
- shoulder subluxation (palpatory > 2 fingers)
- diseased or damaged skin at the paralyzed arm
- inability to communicate effectively with the neurological examiner such that the validity of the patient's data could be compromised
- cyber sickness
- pace-maker or other implanted electric devices
- body weight > 120kg
- serious cognitive deficits and aphasia preventing the performance of the ARMin treatment
- participation in any therapeutic treatment ("outside therapy") performed with the paralyzed arm during the planned study - including baseline and follow up.