Functional Electrical Therapy: Retraining Reaching and Grasping Functions in Severe Hemiplegic Patients


Phase N/A Results


FES gave greater improvements in arm and hand function, compared to traditional physiotherapy and occupational therapy alone. Patients who underwent FES achieved significantly greater results of a mean 13% improvement on the torque compared to 2% improvement in the control group. The FES group experience a mean 23% improvement in force compared to a 3% improvement in the control group, and a 13% improvement in the eccentric load components of the Rehabilitation Laboratory Hand Function (REL) test compared to no improvement with subjects who underwent traditional physiotherapy and occupational therapy. All differences were statistically significant (P <.05). Patients given FES also showed greater differences in the Fugl-Meyer Assessment (FMA) compared with the standard treatment group (30% vs 4%, P <.01).