Functional Electrical Stimulation for Children With Upper Limb Weakness Post Stroke

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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

i) Ischaemic or Haemorrhagic stroke with hemiparesis of the upper extremity; ii) Willing to attend therapy; and iii) Communicate effectively in English.

Exclusion Criteria

i) Global aphasia; ii) Upper extremity condition that limits the function of the hand and arm before the stroke; iii) Active seizure disorder within 5 years; iv) Implanted pacemaker, vagal nerve stimulator, AICD, baclofen pump, or similar implanted metallic or electronic device; v) Unhealed fracture or wound in the affected arm; vi) BOTOX injection into the affected arm or hand within 6 months; vii) Currently enrolled in another study of upper limb therapy or new investigational drugs/biologics within 6 months; viii) Swollen, infected or inflamed areas or skin eruptions on the affected arm including evidence of phlebitis or venous incompetence in the arm; ix) Known cardiac dysrhythmia; x) cancerous or suspected cancerous lesions present on the affected arm and xi) Cognitive impairment sufficient enough to impede in the following of directions and understanding of the nature of the therapy, xii) Unwilling/unable to assent to study.