Focal Cortical Atrophy After Myocardial Internal Capsule "ACFI"


Phase 0 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Patients of 18 to 90 years old.
- Subcortical stroke
- Achievement of the internal capsule, according to MRI
- Ability to perform MRI within 10 days after the onset of symptoms
- NIHSS over or equal 2 and < 20
- Rankin Score over or equal 1 and ≤ 5
- Written informed consent after information about the protocol, from patients or reliable person if patient is in incapacity to sign
- Affiliation to a social security scheme

Exclusion Criteria

- Pregnant or nursing women
- Other cerebral lesion, concomitant or preexisting
- Concomitant disease causing unfavorable prognosis within 3 months after inclusion
- pre-existing psychiatric illness
- Alcoholism or other chronic intoxication
- Cortical localization of the infarction
- Patient in a coma, who cannot be examined and evaluated
- Patient intubated, ventilated, sedated
- Cerebral hemorrhage, intra-parenchymal and / or subarachnoid
- Persons protected by law (guardianship, curators and judicial protection)
- Contraindications to magnetic resonance examination: pacemaker, metal implants, neurostimulators, Clips neurosurgical wire sutures, staples, metal heart valves, ventricular bypass valve, metal workers, foreign eye, shrapnel, bullet , cochlear implants