Focal Cortical Atrophy After Myocardial Internal Capsule "ACFI"


Phase 0 Results N/A

Trial Description

Primary purpose of the trial is to demonstrate the arisen of focal cortical atrophy, localized in the ipsilateral primary motor area, measured in mm, three months after infarction of internal capsule.
The patient is compared to himself between day zero to ten and three months.
The study hypotheses are:
- A focal cortical atrophy of the ipsilesional primary motor area occurs after cerebral infarction of the internal capsule. It is measurable accurately and reproducibly by MRI at three months. Other brain areas within the voluntary motor system will also be explored (supplementary motor area, pre motor area).
- This atrophy is correlated with achievement of pyramidal tract, assessed by the fractional anisotropy of its fibers.
- This atrophy is correlated with disability at three months, assessed by Rankin score.

Detailed Description

Twenty-two patients with ischemic stroke, subcortical, involving the internal capsule, will be included.
Each patient will be compared to himself, on day zero to ten and three months.
An MRI will be performed between day zero and ten, then three months of infarction sequences with traditional threeD enabling acquisition and tractography and The measurement of cortical thickness is in mm The measurement of fractional anisotropy of the pyramidal tract A clinical evaluation will be done between Day zero and Day ten then three months, using a neurological score (NIHSS), a score of functional disability (Rankin) and more analytical and sensitive tests such as dynamometer, the Finger Tapping test and test new plugs.



  • Additional MRI Other
    ARM 1: Kind: Experimental
    Label: additional MRI

Trial Design

  • Masking: Open Label
  • Purpose: Basic Science
  • Intervention: Single Group Assignment


Type Measure Time Frame Safety Issue
Primary Decrease of cortical thickness 3 months after infarction of corticospinal tract, in the ipsilateral primary motor area. No
Secondary Calculation of fractional anisotropy 3 months after infarction of corticospinal tract No
Secondary Disability at 3 months No