Feasibility Study for Enhancing Gait Following Stroke With Implanted Microstimulators


Phase 0 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

1. Cognition intact to give valid informed consent to participate.
2. Sufficient endurance to participate in rehabilitation sessions.
3. Ability to follow 2 stage commands, in English.
4. Medically stable.
5. Age > 21 years.
6. Impaired ambulation as follows: inability to flex the knee and ankle in the sagittal plane, in a normal manner so the foot clears the floor, inability to control normal knee angle during single limb weight bearing during stance phase .
7. Minimum trace (Manual Muscle Test score of 1) contraction of hip, knee, and ankle flexors and extensors under volitional control.
8. Passive range of motion at hip, knee, ankle normal gait kinematics.
9. Five degrees (5°) of motion for knee and ankle flexors and extensors produced by muscle stimulation achieved non-invasively with electrical stimulation applied to the skin surface.
10. At least 12 months post stroke.
11. Ability to understand the informed consent form in English.
12. Thigh and lower leg circumference and length ≤ 50th percentile of standard U.S. population morphology measures.*
13. Participants should be able to walk and keep balance without physical assistance
14. Response to Surface Stimulation at a trace for tibialis anterior and peronous longus.
15. Subject with unilateral defects

Exclusion Criteria

1. Acute or progressive cardiac, renal, respiratory, neurological disorders or malignancy.
2. Active psychiatric diagnosis or psychological condition, or active drug/alcohol abuse.
3. Lower motor neuron damage or radiculopathy.
4. More than one stroke.
5. Allergy or contraindication to the anesthesia, Versed, (or comparable substitute).