Feasibility of Using Prism Adaptation to Treat Spatial Neglect and Motor Function in Stroke


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Between the ages of 18 and 90.
- New stroke on the right side of the brain.
- Has an UE impairment of the arm affected by the stroke (WMFT score of less than 75).
- Has the presence of spatial neglect (greater than 1 on the KF-NAP).
- Is able to give informed consent.
- Past medical history includes having had a stroke or more than one. This can be ischemic or hemorrhagic, and on either side of the brain.

Exclusion Criteria

- Is under the age of 18.
- Has severe communication deficit.
- Has a left brain stroke as the primary diagnosis and/or the primary diagnosis is anything other than stroke.
- Is blind in one or both eyes.
- Is not staying at the inpatient rehabilitation hospital
- Has a cognitive impairment that inhibits their ability to recall information.
- Has severely impaired upper extremity function in bilateral arms (cannot participate in the prism task).