FastFES Gait Training for Stroke Patients: Efficacy of Pre-Commercial Device


Phase 1/2 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Age 21-80
- Chronic stroke involving cerebral cortical regions (>6 months post stroke).
- First (single) lesion
- Ambulatory but with residual gait deficit, including those who use a cane or walker and/or demonstrate asymmetry during gait
- Able to walk for 6 minutes at their self-selected speed with no orthotic support.
- Passive ankle dorsiflexion range of motion to neutral degrees with the knee extended (i.e., able to achieve an angle of 90 degrees between the shank and the foot)
- Passive hip extension of >10 degrees
- Resting heart rate between 40-100 beats per minute
- Resting blood pressure between the range of 90/60 to 170/90

Exclusion Criteria

- Evidence of moderate to severe chronic white matter disease on MRI
- Evidence of cerebellar stroke on MRI
- History of lower extremity joint replacement due to arthritis •Score of >1 on question 1b and >0 on question 1c on the NIH Stroke Scale
- Inability to communicate with investigators
- Neglect and hemianopia
- Unexplained dizziness in the last 6 months