Factor XI Levels in Acute Ischemic Stroke


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Summary of Purpose

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the utility of measuring coagulation factor activities in the setting of acute ischemic stroke, as potential markers of inherited thrombotic risk. The investigators will determine if relationships exist between coagulation factors, including factor VIII, factor IX, and factor XI and clinical diagnosis, classification, and outcome. The investigators will determine if any...

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Trial Milestones

The following dates are available for this trial. Trial information last updated on 2 August 2011.

1 May 2009 28 Apr 2009 1 Jul 2011 1 Jul 2011 1 Aug 2011 Unavailable
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Trial Basics



Trial Design

  • Observation: Case Control
  • Perspective: Retrospective
  • Sampling: Non-Probability Sample


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