ExStroke Pilot Trial: Physical Exercise After Acute Ischaemic Stroke


Phase 3 Results

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Subjects aged 40 years or older.
- Patients with a clinical diagnosis of stroke; symptoms lasting 24 hours or more.
- Computed tomography (CT)-scan of the brain must either show a new infarct or be normal. Patients only with infarcts without clinical symptoms cannot be included.
- Inclusion shall take place before day 90 after stroke onset.
- Informed consent after verbal and written information.
- The patient must be able to walk either unaided or with a cane or a walker.

Exclusion Criteria

- Patients who are unable to understand the information, or who cannot cooperate, are excluded.
- Patients confined to a wheelchair or bed.
- CT-scanning showing intracranial haemorrhage or focal pathology other than infarction, cerebral atrophy, or leucoaraiosis.
- Modified Rankin score of 4 or 5 before the actual stroke.
- Serious medical disease such as AIDS, metastatic cancer, or abnormalities that the investigator feels may compromise the patient's successful participation in the trial.
- Earlier randomisation in this trial.