Exercise Training and Walking Ability After Chronic Stroke


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Age > 45 years
- First stroke resulting in hemiplegia
- At least 4-months post stroke
- Residing at home or community-based (non-institutionalized) living environment
- Self selected gait velocity between 0.42 m/s to 0.80 m/s
- No longer receiving physiotherapy.
- Adequate comprehension of instructions and perceptual abilities (assessed by stroke clinician during medical screening), no significant musculotendinous or bony restrictions of the affected limb, nor any serious chronic disease independently causing significant disability or profound atrophy of the affected limb will comprise further indications to participation

Exclusion Criteria

- Subjects will be excluded if they have significant cardiac disease, symptom limiting peripheral vascular disease, or any of the exclusion criteria contraindicating moderate exercise as outlined by the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for cardiac disease rehabilitation or for frail and elderly adults. The initial symptom-limited/maximal aerobic assessment will serve as the screening test for contraindications to further exercise.