Evaluation of the WATCHMAN LAA Closure Device in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation Versus Long Term Warfarin Therapy "PREVAIL"

Active, not recruiting

Phase 3 Results N/A

Main Contacts

Name Phone E-mail
David R. Holmes, M.D. Principal Investigator
Vivek Y. Reddy, M.D. Principal Investigator

Contacts by Location

Abbott Northwestern Hospital Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States Unknown_status_icon
Holly MacDonald, RN Contact 612-863-6051 holly.macdonald@allina.com
William Katsiyiannis, MD Principal Investigator
Arizona Heart Rhythm Research Center Scottsdale, Arizona, United States Unknown_status_icon
Adam Thompson Contact 480-659-7692 AThompson@azheartrhythm.com
Vijay Swarup, MD Principal Investigator
Marwan Bahu, MD Sub-Investigator
Baptist Hospital of Miami Miami, Florida, United States Unknown_status_icon
Claudia Hodgson, RN Contact 786-596-4068 claudiah@baptisthealth.net
Ramon Quesada, MD Principal Investigator
Baylor Research Institute Dallas, Texas, United States Unknown_status_icon
David Hamilton Contact 214-841-2097 davidl.hamilton@baylorhealth.edu
Kevin Wheelan, MD Principal Investigator
Robert Kowal, MD Sub-Investigator
Jay Franklin, MD Sub-Investigator
Bryan LGH Lincoln, Nebraska, United States Unknown_status_icon
Cheryl Orosco Contact 402-483-3291 cherylo@bhi-1.com
Andrew Merliss, MD Principal Investigator
Cardiology Associates of N. Mississippi Tupelo, Mississippi, United States Unknown_status_icon
Marsha Jones Contact 662-337-7456 mrjones@nmhs.net
James Stone, MD Principal Investigator
Keith Kyker, MD Sub-Investigator
Karl Crossen, MD Sub-Investigator
Carolinas Medical Center Charlotte, North Carolina, United States Unknown_status_icon
Gale Schwarz, RN Contact 704-355-4797 gale.schwarz@carolinashealthcare.org
Michael Rinaldi, MD Principal Investigator
J. Warren Holshouser, MD Sub-Investigator
Rohit Mehta, MD Sub-Investigator
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles, California, United States Unknown_status_icon
Harrison Dihn Contact 310-248-8515 Harrison.Dinh@cshs.org
Saibal Kar, MD Principal Investigator
Central Baptist Hospital Lexington, Kentucky, United States Unknown_status_icon
Jennifer Isaacs, RN Contact 859-260-6368 jennifer.isaacs@bhsi.com
Gery Tomassoni, MD Principal Investigator
Cleveland Clinic Cleveland, Ohio, United States Unknown_status_icon
Donna Cole, BSN Contact 216-445-6917 coled3@ccf.org
Walid I Saliba Principal Investigator
Ossama Wasni, MD Sub-Investigator
Emory University Atlanta, Georgia, United States Unknown_status_icon
Paige Smith, RN Contact 404-686-7992 pfsmith@emory.edu
David DeLurgio, MD Principal Investigator
Angel Leon, MD Principal Investigator
Englewood Hospital and Medical Center Englewood, New Jersey, United States Unknown_status_icon
Meryna Manandhar Contact 201-894-3907 meryna.manandhar@ehmc.com
Grant Simons, MD Principal Investigator
Dennis Katechis, DO Sub-Investigator
Fletcher Allen Burlington, Vermont, United States Unknown_status_icon
Michaelanne Rowen, RN Contact 802-847-4756 michaelanne.rowen@vtmednet.org
Daniel Lustgarten Principal Investigator
Peter Spector, MD Sub-Investigator
Robert Lobel, MD Sub-Investigator
Florida Hospital Orlando, Florida, United States Unknown_status_icon
Leann Goodwin, RN, CCRC Contact 407-303-7556 leann.goodwin@flhosp.org
George Monir, MD Principal Investigator
Scott Pollak, MD Sub-Investigator
Naushad A Shaik, MD Sub-Investigator
Foundation for Cardiovascular Medicine La Jolla, California, United States Unknown_status_icon
Heather Nielsen Contact 858-625-4488 hnielsen@fcvmed.org
Maurice Buchbinder, MD Principal Investigator
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Unknown_status_icon
Mary Gnap Contact 216-349-8446 mary.gnap@uphs.upenn.edu
David Callans, MD Principal Investigator
Fermin Garcia, MD Principal Investigator
David Lin, MD Sub-Investigator
Mathew Hutchinson, MD Sub-Investigator
Intermountain Medical Center Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Unknown_status_icon
Casey Jacketta-Dunyon Contact 801-507-4764 casey.jacketta-dunyon@imail.org
Brian Whisenant, MD Principal Investigator
Iowa Heart Center Des Moines, Iowa, United States Unknown_status_icon
Danika Evans Contact 515-235-5106 devans@iowaheart.com
Robert Hoyt, MD Principal Investigator
Lahey Clinic Burlington, Massachusetts, United States Unknown_status_icon
Jean Bryne, RN Contact 781-744-1901 jean.byrne@lahey.org
Bruce Hook, MD Principal Investigator
David Martin, MD Sub-Investigator
G. Muqtada Chaudhry, MD Sub-Investigator
Lindner Clinical Trial Center Cincinnati, Ohio, United States Unknown_status_icon
Roxanne Robertson Contact roxanne.robertson@thechristhospital.com
Madhukar Grupta, MD Principal Investigator
Edward Schloss, MD Sub-Investigator
Theodore Waller, MD Sub-Investigator
Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, Massachusetts, United States Unknown_status_icon
Cristina Valencia Contact 617-726-0280 cvalencia@partners.org
Moussa Mansour, MD Principal Investigator
Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota, United States Unknown_status_icon
Linda Tesmer Contact 507-255-8354 tesmer.linda@mayo.edu
David R Holmes, MD Sub-Investigator
Douglas Packer, MD Sub-Investigator
Charanjit Rihal Principal Investigator
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center Gilbert, Arizona, United States Unknown_status_icon
Jennifer Vermillion, CCRC Contact 480-728-9973 jennifer.vermillion@chw.edu
Nabil Dib, MD Principal Investigator
Methodist Hospital Houston, Texas, United States Unknown_status_icon
Christine Sasaridis Contact 713-441-3671 cmsasaridis@tmhs.org
Miguel Valderrabano Principal Investigator
Nadim Nasir, MD Sub-Investigator
Neil Kleiman, MD Sub-Investigator
Moffitt Heart & Vascular Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania, United States Unknown_status_icon
Chis Nanna Contact 717-731-0101 chris.nanna@moffittheart.com
Brijeshwar Maini, MD Principal Investigator
Mt. Sinai School of Medicine New York, New York, United States Unknown_status_icon
Anaya Abdullah Contact 212-241-4313 anaya.abdullah@mountsinai.org
Vivek Reddy, MD Principal Investigator
New York University Medical Center New York, New York, United States Unknown_status_icon
Meghan Kiley Contact 212-263-7704 meghan.kiley@nyumc.org
Larry Chinitz, MD Principal Investigator
North Shore University Evanston, Illinois, United States Unknown_status_icon
Kathleen Medica Contact 817-570-2368 kmedica@northshore.org
Ted Feldman, MD Principal Investigator
Orange County Heart Orange County, California, United States Unknown_status_icon
Rose Norris Contact 714-564-3300 rosemnorris@yahoo.com
Kelly J. Tucker, MD Principal Investigator
Palm Beach Heart Research Atlantis, Florida, United States Unknown_status_icon
Rattana Summa, RN Contact 561-548-5538 rsumma1@bellsouth.net
Mark Freher, MD Principal Investigator
Robert Fishel, MD Sub-Investigator
Gustavo Cardenas, MD Sub-Investigator
Scripps Green La Jolla, California, United States Unknown_status_icon
Eileen Anderson Contact 858-554-5046 anderson.eileen@scrippshealth.org
Matthew Price, MD, FACC Principal Investigator
Douglas Gibson Sub-Investigator
Paul S. Teirstein, MD Sub-Investigator
St. John's Hospital / Pacific Heart Santa Monica, California, United States Unknown_status_icon
Crystal Ducharme Contact 310-829-7678 cducharme@pacificheart.com
Shephal K. Doshi, MD Principal Investigator
St. John's Mercy St. Louis, Missouri, United States Unknown_status_icon
Nicole Elmore, NP Contact 314-251-3922 nicole.elmore@mercy.net
J. Mauricio Sanchez, MD Principal Investigator
George Kichura Sub-Investigator
John Nash Sub-Investigator
St. Luke's Hospital Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States Unknown_status_icon
Anthony Chambers Contact 414-385-2565 anthony.chambers@aurora.org
Jasbir Sra, MD Principal Investigator
Tanvir Bajwa, MD Sub-Investigator
St. Luke's Hospital Kansas City, Missouri, United States Unknown_status_icon
Cheryl Rutherford, RN Contact 816-932-6275 cjrutherford@saint-lukes.org
Kenneth Huber, MD Principal Investigator
St. Thomas Research Institute Nashville, Tennessee, United States Unknown_status_icon
Sean Johnson Contact 615-329-5144 sjohnson@saintthomasheart.com
Robert A Pickett, MD Principal Investigator
George Crossley Sub-Investigator
David Thompson, MD Sub-Investigator
Swedish Medical Center Seattle, Washington, United States Unknown_status_icon
Stephen Lubatti Contact 206-215-6573 Stephen.Lubatti2@swedish.org
Mark Reisman, MD Principal Investigator
Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Austin, Texas, United States Unknown_status_icon
Chantel Scallon Contact 512-807-3150 cmscallon@austinheartbeat.com
Rodney Horton, MD Principal Investigator
Javier Sanchez, MD Sub-Investigator
Joseph Gallinghouse, MD Sub-Investigator
University of Michigan Medical Center Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States Unknown_status_icon
Jacqueline Fortino Contact 734-615-2680 jfortino@umich.edu
Eric Good, MD Principal Investigator
Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists Richmond, Virginia, United States Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
Anne Adams, CMS, CCRC Contact 804-323-5011 aadams@vacardio.com
John Onufer, MD Principal Investigator
William Beaumont Royal Oak, Michigan, United States Unknown_status_icon
Hong Huang Contact 248-898-4541 hhuang@beaumont.edu
Steven Almany, MD Principal Investigator
David Haines, MD Sub-Investigator
George Hanzel Sub-Investigator
Aaron Berman Sub-Investigator

Other Locations

Name City State Country Status
Columbia University Medical Center New York New York United States Unknown_status_icon
Zasa Clinical Research Atlantis Florida United States Unknown_status_icon