Evaluation of the ReVive SE Device for Intra-Arterial Thrombectomy in Acute Ischemic Stroke "Re-ACT"


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Main Contacts

Name Phone E-mail
Laurent PIEROT, Professor Principal Investigator
Benjamin Hoehn, MD Study Director
Arnaud NICOLAS, PhD Contact +41 327 204 460 anicolas@its.jnj.com

Contacts by Location

CHU Bordeaux Bordeaux, France Unknown_status_icon
Xavier Barreau, MD Contact
X Barreau, MD Contact +33
CHU Clermont Ferrand Clermont Ferrand, France Unknown_status_icon
Emmanual Chabert, MD Contact
E Chabert, MD Contact +33
CHU de Colmar Colmar, France Unknown_status_icon
A Lebedinsky, MD Contact +33
CHU Dijon Dijon, France Unknown_status_icon
Frederic Ricolfi, MD-PhD Contact
F Riccolfi, MD Contact +33
CHU La Timone Marseille, France Unknown_status_icon
Hervé Brunel, MD Contact
CHU Lille Lille, France Unknown_status_icon
Laurent ESTRADE, MD Contact
CHU Maison blanche Reims, France Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
Laurent Pierot, Pr Principal Investigator 330326787566 lpierot@chu-reims.fr
Laurent Pierot, Pr Contact
CHU St Etienne St Etienne, France Unknown_status_icon
M Aggour, MD Contact
Hôpital Bretonneau Tours, France Unknown_status_icon
Ana Paula Narata, MD Contact