Evaluation of Robotic Arm Rehabilitation in Stroke Patients


Phase N/A Results

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Subjects must have a clinically, defined, unilateral, hemiparetic stroke with radiologic exclusion of other diagnoses
- Stroke onset greater than six months before randomization for ischemic stroke patients and one year before randomization for hemorrhagic stroke patients
- A grade 3 or lower in Manual Muscle Test in the hemiparetic elbow flexion and shoulder abduction

Exclusion Criteria

- Subjects unable to give informed consent
- Serious complicating medical illness
- Contracture or orthopedic problems limiting the range of joint movement in the study arm
- Visual loss
- Stroke occurred within 6 months for ischemic stroke patients, one year for hemorrhagic patients
- Botox treatment within 3 months of enrollment