Evaluation of an Advanced Lower Extremity Neuroprostheses "LE-IST"


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Low cervical or thoracic spinal cord injury (C6-T12) or other paralyzing condition
- Skeletal maturity
- Ability to understand and sign informed consents
- Disability equivalent to ASIA impairment scale A (complete motor and sensory deficits), B (sensory sparing) or C (motor and sensory sparing)
- Intact and electrically excitable lower motor neurons
- Greater than 6 months since injury or onset
- Range of motion within normal limits

Exclusion Criteria

- Pacemaker
- Cardiac arrythmia
- Pregnancy
- Contractures of any major joint of upper or lower extremities
- Uncontrolled seizure disorder
- Obesity
- Untreated substance abuse
- Immunodeficiency
- Frequent urinary tract infections
- Presence of decubitis ulcers
- Acute or chronic psychological problems
- Acute orthopaedic problems
- Pulmonary compromise
- Renal compromise
- Circulatory compromise
- History of spontaneous fractures or insulin dependent diabetes