Evaluation of a Video-ludic Re-education of the Paretic Upper Limb in Chronic Hemipartic Patients Post Cerebral Vascular Accident "ERGOTACT"


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Main Contacts

Name Phone E-mail
Nicolas ROCHE, MDPHD Contact (33)147105409 roche.nicolas@rpc.aphp.fr
Nicolas ROCHE, MD PhD Principal Investigator

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Hopital Raymond Poincare Garches, France Recruiting_status_icon
ROCHE Nicolas, MDPHD Contact 0147107900 roche.nicolas@rpc.aphp.fr
POTTIER Sandra, CRA Contact Backup 0147104469 sandra.pottier@rpc.aphp.fr
Nicolas ROCHE, MDPHD Contact (33)147105409 roche.nicolas@rpc.aphp.fr
Sandra POTTIER, CRA Contact Backup (33)147104469 sandra.pottier@rpc.aphp.fr
Nicolas ROCHE, Md PhD Garches, France Recruiting_status_icon
Nicolas Roche, Md, PhD Contact 0033147105409 roche.nicolas@aphp.fr