Evaluating the Effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy on Brain Function (The WHIMS-MRI Study) "WHIMS-MRI"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Participated in the WHIMS study
- Receives medical care at 1 of the 13 WHIMS MRI clinics

Exclusion Criteria

- Currently has a pacemaker (either working or non-functioning), intracranial aneurysm clip, neurostimulator, defibrillator, intra-ocular ferrous foreign body (e.g., metal in the eye), or Harrington rods
- Currently has a magnetically or electrically activated device, including any of the following items: cochlear implant, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit, implanted pump (insulin or infusion), or a McGee Stapes implant
- Potential participants who have the following exclusion criteria may be eligible for participation, based on study staff approval:
1. Metal fragments around critical soft tissue (i.e., shrapnel near spinal cord)
2. Prosthetics
3. Eyelid spring or wire
4. Metallic stent, filter, or coil
5. Breast tissue expander
6. Tattoo or non-removable body piercing
7. Difficulty lying flat
8. Difficulty breathing
9. Claustrophobia