European / Australasian Stroke Prevention in Reversible Ischaemia Trial "ESPRIT"


Phase N/A Results

Summary of Purpose

To compare the safety and prophylactic efficacies of mild anticoagulants, aspirin, in conjunction with dipyridamole, and aspirin alone against future vascular events in patients with atherosclerotic cerebral ischemia. ESPRIT will be divided into three sub-protocols: Scheme A will compare anticoagulants, aspirin combined with dipyridamole, and aspirin alone; Scheme B will compare aspirin in conjunction with dipyridamole with aspirin alone;...

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Trial Milestones

The following dates are available for this trial. Trial information last updated on 29 April 2008.

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Trial Basics



  • Netherlands Heart Foundation and the UK Stroke Association.

Trial Design

International, multicenter, randomized, non-blinded, controlled trial with a three-arm treatment protocol.


  • Trial Office Neurology, Room H.02.128 University Dept of Neurology PO Box 85500 3508 GA Utrecht Netherlands.