Enhanced Gait-Related Improvements After Therapist-Versus Robotic-Assisted Locomotor Training in Subjects with Chronic Stroke


Phase N/A Results

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

Subjects with of > 6 months duration after unilateral, supratentorial, ischemic or hemorrhage stroke; lesion location confirmed by radiographic findings with no evidence of bilateral or brain stem lesions; required to walk > 10 m overground without physical assistance at speeds <0.8 m/s at their self-selected velocity, using assistive devices and bracing below the knee as needed.

Exclusion Criteria

Significant cardiorespiratory/metabolic disease, or other neurological or orthopedic injury that may limit exercise participation or impair locomotion; size limitations for the harness/counter-weight system or robotic orthosis; no botulinum toxin therapy in the lower limbs < 6months prior to enrollment; scores of <23 on the Mini Mental Exam(MMSE); subjects could not receive concurrent physicial therapy.