Energy Consumption and Cardiorespiratory Load During Robot-Assisted Gait Training in Non-Ambulatory Stroke Patients


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- First-ever subacute (≤ 3 months) stroke patients
- Eligible to receive robot-assisted gait training according to local therapists' criteria (i.e. non-ambulatory stroke patients that are able to bear full weight on the hemiplegic leg during a minimum of one gait cycle with manual help allowed to maintain balance)
- Functional Ambulation Category < 3
- Trained in the Lokomat system 2 times prior to the start of the study (i.e. one fitting session and one training session).

Exclusion Criteria

- > 135 kg and >179 cm
- Unstable cardiovascular conditions
- Musculoskeletal problems (other than stroke) affecting the ability to walk
- Concurrent pulmonary diseases (e.g. asthma)
- Concurrent neurological diseases
- Communicative and/or cognitive problems affecting the ability to comprehend or follow instructions
- Other problems affecting the execution of the intervention (e.g. severe spasticity, contractures or dermatological contra-indications)