Electrical Stimulation to Improve Hand Function in Patients With Chronic Stroke


Phase N/A Results

Eligibility Criteria

Subjects with residual arm function who have had a single cortical monohemispheric stroke (documented by CT or MRI) at least 12 months before, with normal visual acuity (with or without glasses).
Subjects with more than one stroke.
Subjects with proprioceptive deficits.
Subjects with cerebellar lesion.
Subjects unable to extend metacarpophalangeal (MP) joints at least 10 degrees.
Subjects unable to extend the wrist 10 degrees.
Subjects with cognitive impairment which might interfere with the understanding of instructions for motor testing (defined as equivalent to a mini-mental state exam score of 20 or less).
Subjects with severe depression, poor motivational capacity, or severe language disturbance.
Subjects with severe uncontrolled medical problems (e.g. cardiovascular disease, active joint deformity of arthritic origin, uncontrolled epilepsy).
Subjects with heart pacemakers.
Subjects with contractures in the hand.