Electrical Stimulation for Recovery of Hand Function in Chronic Stroke Survivors


Phase N/A Results

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Age 18-80
- > 6 months of first hemorrhagic or nonhemorrhagic stroke
- Able to recall 2 of 3 items after 30 minutes
- MRC ≤ 4 for finger extensors on paretic side
- Able to follow 3-stage commands
- Functional movement of shoulder and elbow (e.g., can reach ¾ hand-to- mouth movement) of paretic side
- Caregiver available to assist with device and compliance if needed
- Skin intact on hemiparetic arm
- Medically stable
- Surface NMES trial opens hand without pain
- Full volitional hand opening/closing of contralateral hand
- Upper extremity hand section of FMA < 11/14
- Able to hear and respond to stimulator/cue box auditory cues
- Completed occupational therapy (no concomitant OT)

Exclusion Criteria

- Lack of functional PROM of the wrist or fingers of affected side
- Severe shoulder or hand pain (unable to position hand in the workspace without pain)
- Uncontrolled seizure disorder
- Insensate forearm and/or hand
- Uncompensated hemi-neglect (extinguishing to double simultaneous stimulation)
- Edema of the affected forearm and/or hand
- History of cardiac arrhythmias with hemodynamic instability
- Cardiac pacemaker or other implanted electronic system
- Pregnant
- IM Botox injections in any UE muscle in the last 3 months
- Parkinson's disease, SCI, TBI, or MS
- Ipsilateral motor neuron lesion