Efficiency Study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Versus Western Medicine (WM) on Ischemic Stroke


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- According with the stroke diagnosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine
- According to atherosclerotic thrombotic cerebral infarction from Western diagnosis such as medical history and CT / MRI examinations
- It has attacked in 7 days
- The assessment of scale of NIHSS:4-24 points
- Age: ≥ 35 years and ≤ 75 years
- Patients or their legal guardians sign informed consent form

Exclusion Criteria

- The patients with ICH or cerebral hemorrhage or TIA
- It has attacked beyond 7 days
- Patients with stroke history and the mRS ≥ 2 points before this attack
- Mixed type of stroke (infarction after bleeding or bleeding after infarction)
- Patients with cerebral infarction by cardiogenic embolism, blood hypercoagulable state and tunica intima exfoliating
- Patients with serious heart disease;failure of heart or liver or kidney; cancer;digestive tract bleeding
- Women of pregnancy or breast-feeding
- Patients who are taking part in other clinical trials that will influence the results of this study