Efficacy and Safety Study of GM602 in Patients With Acute Middle Cerebral Artery Ischemic Stroke Within 18 Hours "GMAIS"


Phase 2 Results N/A

Main Contacts

Name Phone E-mail
David Brown, MD Principal Investigator
Arbi G Ohanian, MD Principal Investigator
Sidney Starkman, MD Principal Investigator
Jeff Saver, MD Principal Investigator
Stephan A Mayer, M.D. Principal Investigator
Nobl Barazangi, M.D. Principal Investigator
Thomas G Devlin, M.D. Principal Investigator
Mauricio Concha, M.D. Principal Investigator
Anand Vaishnav, M.D. Principal Investigator

Contacts by Location

California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute San Francisco, California, United States Unknown_status_icon
Nobl Barazangi, MD Principal Investigator 415-600-1163 barazan@sutterhealth.org
Katie Ponting Contact Backup 415-600-1163 pontink@cpmcri.org
Columbia University Medical Center New York, New York, United States Unknown_status_icon
Stephan A Mayer, MD Principal Investigator 212-305-7236 sam14@columbia.edu
Stephan A Mayer, MD Contact 212-305-6071 sam14@columbia.edu
Cristina Falo, PhD Contact Backup (212) 305 6071 cf2427@columbia.edu
Erlanger Health care system Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Thomas G Devlin, MD Principal Investigator 423-648-0304 tgdevlin@bellsouth.net
Katrina Barton, CRC Contact Backup (423)-648-0304 chattneuro@yahoo.com
Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian Newport Beach, California, United States Unknown_status_icon
David Brown, MD Principal Investigator
David Brown, MD Contact 949-764-8190 david.brown@hoag.org
A Contact Backup
Laura A Whitaker Contact Backup 9497648190 laura.whitaker@hoag.org
Huntington Memorial Hospital Stroke Center Pasadena, California, United States Unknown_status_icon
Arbi G Ohanian, M.D. Principal Investigator 626-397-2515 arbi.ohanian@huntingtonhospital.com
Sarasota Memorial Hospital Sarasota, Florida, United States Unknown_status_icon
Mauricio Concha, MD Principal Investigator
Mauricio Concha, MD Contact 941-330-1864 mconcha@intercoastalmedical.com
Jeanette Wilson, RN CCRC Contact Backup (941)-330-1864 JeWilson@intercoastalmedical.com
UCLA Stroke Center (Departments of Emergency Medicine and Neurology at the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center) Los Angeles, California, United States Unknown_status_icon
Sidney Starkman, M. D. Contact 310-794-0594 starkman@ucla.edu
Jeffrey Saver, M.D. Principal Investigator (310) 825-6466 jsaver@ucla.edu
Sidney Starkman, M.D. Principal Investigator
University Erlanger Hospital Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States Unknown_status_icon
Thomas G Devlin, MD Principal Investigator 423-648-0304 tgdevlin@bellsouth.net
Katrina Barton, CRC Contact Backup (423)-648-0304 chattneuro@yahoo.com
University of Louisville Louisville, Kentucky, United States Unknown_status_icon
Anand Vaishnav, MD Principal Investigator 502-813-6574 anand.vaiishnav@louisville.edu
Ann L Jerde Contact Backup (502)-813-6574 ann.jerde@louisville.edu