Efficacy and Safety Study of Desmoteplase to Treat Acute Ischemic Stroke "DIAS-3"


Phase 3 Results N/A

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Main Contacts

Name Phone E-mail
Email contact via H. Lundbeck A/S Study Director

Other Locations

Name City State Country Status
AU006 Clayton Australia Unknown_status_icon
AU004 Gosford Australia Unknown_status_icon
AU001 Melbourne Australia Unknown_status_icon
AU002 Melbourne Australia Unknown_status_icon
AU003 New Castle Australia Unknown_status_icon
AU009 Perth Australia Unknown_status_icon
AT003 Graz Austria Unknown_status_icon
AT004 Innsbruck Austria Unknown_status_icon
AT002 Linz Austria Unknown_status_icon
AT001 Linz Austria Unknown_status_icon
AT005 Vienna Austria Unknown_status_icon
EE003 Tallinn Estonia Unknown_status_icon
EE002 Tallinn Estonia Unknown_status_icon
EE004 Tallinn Estonia Unknown_status_icon
EE001 Tartu Estonia Unknown_status_icon
FR004 Besancon France Unknown_status_icon
FR013 Bordeaux France Unknown_status_icon
FR003 Bourg-en-Bresse France Unknown_status_icon
FR015 Caen France Unknown_status_icon
FR012 Limoges France Unknown_status_icon
FR008 Montpellier France Unknown_status_icon
FR010 Nice France Unknown_status_icon
FR009 Paris France Unknown_status_icon
FR001 Paris France Unknown_status_icon
FR007 Perpignan France Unknown_status_icon
FR016 Toulouse France Unknown_status_icon
DE002 Berlin Germany Unknown_status_icon
DE001 Dresden Germany Unknown_status_icon
DE011 Erlangen Germany Unknown_status_icon
DE005 Freiburg Germany Unknown_status_icon
DE018 Hamburg Germany Unknown_status_icon
DE020 Hannover Germany Unknown_status_icon
DE019 Jena Germany Unknown_status_icon
DE003 Leipzig Germany Unknown_status_icon
DE021 Neuruppin Germany Unknown_status_icon
DE012 Schweinfurt Germany Unknown_status_icon
HK001 Hong Kong Hong Kong Unknown_status_icon
HK002 Hong Kong Hong Kong Unknown_status_icon
IN004 Chandigarh India Unknown_status_icon
IN008 Hyderabad India Unknown_status_icon
IN003 Hyderabad India Unknown_status_icon
IN007 Ludhiana India Unknown_status_icon
IN001 Pune India Unknown_status_icon
KR003 Anyang City Korea, Republic of Unknown_status_icon
KR006 Busan Korea, Republic of Unknown_status_icon
KR002 In Cheon Korea, Republic of Unknown_status_icon
KR010 Kwangju Korea, Republic of Unknown_status_icon
KR008 Seongnam Korea, Republic of Unknown_status_icon
KR009 Seoul Korea, Republic of Unknown_status_icon
KR001 Seoul Korea, Republic of Unknown_status_icon
KR005 Seoul Korea, Republic of Unknown_status_icon
KR004 Seoul Korea, Republic of Unknown_status_icon
KR012 Seoul Korea, Republic of Unknown_status_icon
KR007 Wonju-si Korea, Republic of Unknown_status_icon
NL001 Breda Netherlands Unknown_status_icon
NL002 Groningen Netherlands Unknown_status_icon
PH001 Pasig City Philippines Unknown_status_icon
PH002 Quezon City Philippines Unknown_status_icon
PL004 Gdansk Poland Unknown_status_icon
PL005 Lublin Poland Unknown_status_icon
PL006 Sandomierz Poland Unknown_status_icon
PL002 Warszawa Poland Unknown_status_icon
PL001 Warszawa Poland Unknown_status_icon
SG002 Singapore Singapore Unknown_status_icon
SG001 Singapore Singapore Unknown_status_icon
ES010 Albacete Spain Unknown_status_icon
ES003 Barcelona Spain Unknown_status_icon
ES007 Barcelona Spain Unknown_status_icon
ES004 Girona Spain Unknown_status_icon
ES005 Madrid Spain Unknown_status_icon
ES008 Madrid Spain Unknown_status_icon
ES006 Valladolid Spain Unknown_status_icon
CH001 Lausanne Switzerland Unknown_status_icon
TW003 Kaohsiung Taiwan Unknown_status_icon
TW001 Kaohsiung Taiwan Unknown_status_icon
TW006 Taichung Taiwan Unknown_status_icon
TW005 Tainan Taiwan Unknown_status_icon
TW002 Taipei Taiwan Unknown_status_icon
TW004 Taoyuan Taiwan Unknown_status_icon
TH004 Bangkok Thailand Unknown_status_icon
TH003 Bangkok Thailand Unknown_status_icon
TH002 Bangkok Thailand Unknown_status_icon
TH001 Pathumthani Thailand Unknown_status_icon
DE022 Lübeck Germany Unknown_status_icon
IN009 Guntur India Unknown_status_icon
KR011 Daegu Korea, Republic of Unknown_status_icon
TW007 Taipei Taiwan Unknown_status_icon
TW009 Taipei Taiwan Unknown_status_icon
TH005 Chiang Mai Thailand Unknown_status_icon
VN002 Hanoi Vietnam Unknown_status_icon
VN001 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Unknown_status_icon
KR013 Ansan-Si Korea, Republic of Unknown_status_icon
ES011 Madrid Spain Unknown_status_icon
TH005 Chiang Mai Taiwan Recruiting_status_icon
FR014 Lille France Unknown_status_icon
DE025 Rostock Germany Unknown_status_icon
DE016 Wurzburg Germany Unknown_status_icon
ES012 Alcazar de San Juan Spain Unknown_status_icon
ES014 Bilbao Spain Unknown_status_icon
ES013 Lugo Spain Unknown_status_icon
PH003 Manila Philippines Unknown_status_icon
TW008 Tainan Taiwan Unknown_status_icon
TH006 Bangkok Thailand Unknown_status_icon