Effects of Upper Limb Motor and Robotic Training Over Neuroplasticity and Function Capacity "NARLE1"

Active, not recruiting

Phase 2 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Clinical diagnosis of stroke;
- Patients from 6 months after stroke up to 36 months after stroke;
- Clinically stable;
- Upper limb Brunnstrom scale III or IV;
- Brunnstrom scale above V if clinician supports patients will benefit from treatment;
- Minimum wrist extension of 20°, and minimum of 10° of metacarpophalangeal active extension.
- Signed Informed Consent Form;

Exclusion Criteria

- Mini-Mental score lower than 20 points;
- Previous multiple strokes;
- Bone diseases and articulation injuries ;
- Presence of psychological disturbances capable of diminishing adherence;
- Articulation pain within the range of motion proposed by the therapies;
- Participation in another study protocol for upper limbs therapies.
- Previous treatment with robotic assisted therapies.