Effects of Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Using Smart Glove in Stroke Patients


Phase 2 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- CT or MRI proved 1st stroke patients with unilateral hemiplegia caused by stroke (ischemic, hemorrhagic, intracranial hemorrhage)
- 72 hours ~ 3 months after stroke
- Upper extremity hemiplegia with Brunnström stage 2-5.
- The patients can sit to receive treatment for at least 1 hour

Exclusion Criteria

- The patients cannot perform occupational treatments because of severe hemineglect or hemianopia
- Contracture due to severe limitation of motion
- Upper extremity spasticity in the wrist and fingers with modified Ashworth scale > 2 points
- Fugl-Meyer score >= 48 points
- moderate to severe cognitive dysfunction < MMSE 18 points
- Severe aphasia
- The patients who has been diagnosed as malignant tumor