Effects of Training Caregivers on the Outcomes of Stroke Survivors and Caregivers in Zimbabwe


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Eligibility Criteria

List of

Inclusion Criteria

1. First ever confirmed clinical diagnosis of stroke. All patients diagnosed of stroke and who are 18 years and above will be recruited.
2. The stroke patients are likely to return home with residual disability
3. Both males and females are eligible and should be residing in Harare and Chitungwiza communities during the period of study.
4. Stroke survivors must have a family caregiver
5. HIV status may or may not be known
6. Care giver is willing and able to provide support after discharge
7. Fulfills the research definition of a family care giver
list of Exclusion criteria:
1. Stroke patients with other diagnoses of neurological origin and a previous neurological disorder and orthopedic conditions that hamper treatment are not eligible to participate.
2. Patients with a history of psychiatric illness will be excluded.