Effects of Mental Practice for Mobility in Post-stroke Hemiparesis


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- hemiparesis after ischemic stroke (15 to 180 days after the event);
- only one cerebral hemisphere affected;
- no chemical, alcohol or drug dependency;
- Score average ≥ 2,5 point in the instrument "Visual and Kinesthetic Imagery Questionnaire" (KIVQ-10);
- No cognitive impairment (18 points in the Mini-Mental State Examination - 0-4 years of educations and 24 points (>4 years of education);
- Not participating in any other type of physiotherapy or physical activity during the study period;
- Complaining of difficulty in gait and mobility after stroke;
- Able to stand up from a chair and walk some distance with or without auxiliary device;

Exclusion Criteria

- Hemorrhagic or ischemic progressing to hemorrhagic stroke;
- Score ≥ 4 on the Visual Analogue Pain Scale;
- Score ≥ 2 on the modificator Ashworth scale;
- Visual disabilities;
- Severe Aphasia;
- Cardiovascular instability and/or other neurological disorders that may impair the mobility and gait.