Effects of Locomotion Training With Assistance of a Robot-Driven Gait Orthosis in Hemiparetic Patients After Subacute Stroke


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

1. Hemiparesis as result of 1st stroke
2. No other neurologic or orthopedic disorder
3. Independent ambulation before the stroke
4. No severe medical illnesses
5. Hemiparesis: lower extremity strength graded ≤ 3 in more than 2 muscle groups
6. Functional ambulation classification (FAC) ≤ 1 : indicating a need for personal assistance in ambulation
7. The interval between stroke and start of the treatment
8. Time since stroke onset < 6 months
9. age: 20-80yrs old

Exclusion Criteria

1. Unstable fractures
2. Severe osteoporosis
3. Severe skin problems
4. Severe joint problems
5. Major difference in leg length,
6. Body weight over 130 kg,
7. Orthostatic circulatory problem
8. Severe cognitive impairment