Effects of Constraint-induced Therapy for the Scapular Kinematics in Patients With Severe Chronic Hemiparesis


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Having suffered a stroke at least six months (chronic hemiparesis);
- Present score ≤ 2.5 in the range of amount of MAL movement featuring asymmetrical use of members superiores37;
- Be able to sit without support in the trunk for 10 minutes or more;
- They should have a designated caregiver available for assistance 24 hours a day for 2 weeks CIT protocol;
- They should be able to, using any method hold, grab a towel a table, lift it a few inches, and release;
- Understand all instructions given by the researchers (have to score ≥ cutoff point according to education in the Mini Mental State Examination - where the cutoff points are: 20 for illiterates, 25 one to four years of schooling, 26 , 5 for five to eight years, 28 to nine to 11, and 29 over 11 years of schooling 56).

Exclusion Criteria

- Since this protocol is designed for people with severe paralysis UL participants who have active upper handle extension at 10 ° extension of two or more fingers greater than 10 ° and abducting the thumb over 10 ° or higher score 30 that the UL session of the Fugl Meyer scale, will be deleted.
- Individuals who possess double hemiplegia; other musculoskeletal or neurological conditions disabling; submit aphasia understanding, ie, not being able to meet verbal commands;
- Patients undergoing botulinum toxin in less than three months; Present BMI greater than 28 kg / m2.