Effects Of Atorvastatin On Macrophage Activity And Plaque Inflammation Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion criteria:
- Positive SineremĀ®-enhanced MRI of carotid plaque confirmed by a consultant neuroradiologist
- Must either be statin naive or have been on a stable dose of a statin(Permitted statins and total daily dose are as follows: atorvastatin =10mg, simvastatin =40mg, pravastatin =40mg, fluvastatin =80mg, rosuvastatin =10mg for =4 weeks prior to screening, with no evidence of statin intolerability.)
Exclusion criteria:
- Require continued use of non-statin lipid modifying therapies or therapy with any other lipid regulating medications
- History of statin intolerance
- History of chronic viral hepatitis or other liver dysfunction
- Renal impairment with serum creatinine >2.5 mg/dl (>221 mol/L)
- History of myopathy or inflammatory muscle disease, or 3 times more than the upper limit of normal levels of total creatinine kinase in serum
- Doppler assessment of less than 40% stenosis during screening assessment
- Allergy to dextran and iron salts
- Contraindication to MRI scanning
- Planned carotid surgery or endovascular intervention earlier than 10 weeks within the study period